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Richrath Project 3:13

Michael Jahnz started the REO connection when he became lead vocalist and front man for the legendary Gary Richrath, former lead guitarist and song writer for REO Speedwagon. They toured together for over a decade as the Gary Richrath Band playing the songs Gary had written for REO Speedwagon as well as original Richrath tunes and songs Michael had written with Gary. Michael and his band Richrath Project 3:13 continue to honor the memory of the late Gary Richrath at every show!

As you know, we have been alluding to a big announcement for some time now. All the "COMING SOON" and "STAY TUNED" teasers have finally come to fruition. You are all aware of Michael's connection with the music of REO Speedwagon and of course, more importantly, his history with the legendary Gary Richrath. Michael and his band Project 3:13 have continued to honor the memory of Gary at every show.


Playing the classic REO hits that Gary had written, along with the Richrath hits that Gary and Michael had written together, each show brings out a few new memories and stories that Michael and Gary had shared, as they toured together for over a decade. Not only were Michael and Gary musical partners but for many, many years, best friends. Michael was the best man at Gary's wedding in the 1990's. They shared so much together. Gary was truly Michael's mentor. They found themselves many a late night in the recording studio and more often than not they found themselves noticing the clock at the same time, you got it, 3:13.


These phenomena became quite prevalent in their lives. The "3:13" has been a Gary and Michael thing from the beginning. Michael's own brother who passed away also had his birthday on 3/13. So, it only seemed apropos that when Michael decided to choose a new name for his new "Project" back in the early 2000's, he decided to aptly name it "Project 3:13". There have been many incarnations of Project 3:13 throughout the next decade and Michael has been happy to share the stage with so many musicians.


Recording and releasing the Richrath "Only the Strong Survive" CD on the Crescendo Records label and then touring nationally was the highlight of Gary and Michael's time together. Michael has been working diligently for years to be able to create that scenario again. So many Richrath fans have been waiting and wanting "New" Richrath music but since the unfortunate passing of Gary they have almost lost hope.


The perfect storm has finally happened... Michael has gathered himself a phenomenal group of talented musicians, dusted off a few never heard before Gary and Michael recordings and has been granted a new record deal with Dark Star Records! The studio is fired up and ready to rock. Not only will you be hearing new Richrath music but, Gary's magical guitar work will be on a few of the new hits, played by Gary Richrath himself! There will also be some phenomenal originals written by Michael that we can't wait for you to hear. Still, to this day, the Richrath "Only the Strong Survive" CD, in which Michael is credited for writing half the songs, is being sold worldwide and we can not wait to introduce the new CD to everyone!


We're very excited and planning a media frenzy around the release of the new CD! So fans, on the cusp of this news, you can plan on new Richrath music this summer! There will be a new CD and a whole new look and feel to the band! We are honored and excited to announce... Richrath Project 3:13

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