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Barbie Ray, an Empowerment Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Survivor, is a beacon of resilience and transformation. With a life story marked by extraordinary challenges, including survival from a lightning strike, overcoming a year and a half of paralysis, and triumphing over an opioid addiction, Barbie embodies the spirit of overcoming adversity.

A graduate of Chicago’s Second City training center, Barbie has honed her skills in improv and musical comedy, adding depth and humor to her powerful messages. Her diverse career also includes hosting radio and cable shows, voiceover work, and performing in musical projects.As a successful entrepreneur, Barbie has founded and co-owned businesses, including a corporation grossing over $1.75 million in yearly revenue, demonstrating her business acumen and leadership skills.

These experiences, combined with her personal journey, have equipped her with unique insights into overcoming life's hurdles and achieving success.Participants in Barbie's sessions are not just motivated but equipped with practical tools and a new perspective on life's obstacles. Her mantra, "The only barriers I have in life are the ones I put in front of me and above me," is a powerful call to action for anyone seeking to transform their lives and unleash their true potential.

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